We are open today from 09:30 -17:00

Soft play open all day

Ceramic painting available all day

Messy Play session from 10:30 -11:30/13:00- 14:00

Adults with Disabilities games group 15:00 - 17:00

What is messy play?

Messy play forms part of our family learning drop-in sessions. But what do we mean by ‘messy play’? Messy play gives children the opportunity to explore objects and raw materials such as sand, water, chalk, paint, playdough and paste in a free and unrestricted way. The children can use the basic materials without being constrained by the one right way to use them. The sensory experience enables them to understand how things feel, smell and taste and it supports their physical development.

Messy play fosters your child’s curiosity, imagination and experimentation and practices good concentration. When making marks in sand or paint, the children develop an early form of writing. The high concentration levels needed to explore the different sensory qualities of the objects and elements practise your child’s ability to read a book or write a story independently later on. The big movements performed when drawing in sand or making a mark in clay build up the large muscle groups at the top of the arms to then enable the smaller muscles in hands and fingers to make more precise movements. Your child will eventually have increasing control over their movements when holding a pen or cutting with scissors.

All of this messy play means that your children are likely to come home with dirty clothes. Please bring extra clothing for the children so they are able to enjoy and experience our messy play activities.